Leicester Falcons


The Leicester Falcons website has been a huge project. It revolves completely around a back-end database and a custom made content management system.

There are dozens of great content management systems available on the market today, but none that fit the needs of this project completely. So a new one has been built from the ground up, providing the Falcons with full control of the content they choose to display on the site.

This content is added, removed or updated using simple web forms which makes the task of updating the site not only quick, but easy enough for someone with only basic web knowledge to accomplish.

Areas of the website such as the team roster, news stories and game statistics are all generated from the database, providing truly dynamic web content, and a fast, user friendly interface.

Other areas of this project include an extensive multimedia section which offers downloadable wallpapers and MSN Messenger display pictures. Also, a gallery area providing pictures from games and events and a web banner section which enables webmasters of other sites, and members of various forums to link to the Falcons giving them a wider web presence.

Another area of the site is a forum system powered by phpBB forum software. I made a custom template for these forums which ties in completely with the front-end of the Falcons site.

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