Website Design

Here at, all of the web sites are built by myself. I take extra care to ensure that users can navigate around your web pages with ease making the information they require effortless to access, whilst also being clearly and concisely presented, ensuring that visitors to your site have a positive experience.

To request your free website quotation, please contact me now. We can then arrange a meeting if necessary so that we can discuss the requirements you have and the different options that are available.

W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

Web standards

Every website I build is made to meet current web standards as set out by the W3C. I always use CSS within my sites to ensure that they are fast loading and leave minimal clutter in the main website code, providing a far more search engine friendly finished product. I also make sure that my pages contain scalable fonts where possible, allowing users to enlarge text if they have a visual impairment.

Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers

What about compatibility?

I take great care to ensure that your web site will be compatible across all the various web browsers such as FireFox, Opera and Internet Explorer. The code from the websites I build are verified using the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Markup Validation and W3C CSS Validation services. These are the current industry standards. To verify that my site is well coded you can click on the W3C icons below.
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What about features?

I pride myself on creating web sites and tools that bring a real benefit to your business or organisation. Many of my clients already enjoy custom built tools such as dynamic news content and user updateable galleries. Adding a CMS (Content Management System) to your site will enable staff within your organisation to keep pages up to date without the need for a web designer or costly web authoring software.

If you would like more information about our software and database programming services please view the Web Development section below.

There is much more to e-commerce than simply creating an online shop. During our consultation, I will discuss in detail the advantages that it could bring to your business or organisation and I will guide you through the sometimes tricky world of internet marketing.

Topics we would discuss include:

  • The role of the web site within your organisation
  • Updating the shop with new products
  • Frequency of product/range changes
  • Which payment system would be most appropriate
  • Marketing the site e.g. pay per click campaigns and traditional advertising
  • Shop management

What benefits can e-commerce bring your business?

Online trading means that your business is never closed, users can log onto your site and browse your products at their leisure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year! You are also opening your product range to a worldwide audience, providing you with potential new customers that simply weren't accessible to you before.

By combining your online trading site with a pay per click search engine marketing campaign, we can target certain search terms as well as geographical areas to help focus your advertising. My online shop systems also provide a wide variety of tools to help you, including the facility to mail shot all of your registered users with special offers, statistics on which products are performing best, send out shipping updates and more.

Shopping Carts and Ecommerce can provide SSL certificates on e-commerce sites for secure credit card transactions and I am able to integrate with a wide range of payment providers including World Pay, Paypal and Protx.

You can view examples of online shops that I have created by visiting the following links:

Web Development

Database driven websites can provide a new, dynamic element to your online presence, helping you to take control over the information that is being collected by you and distributed between your website visitors. Databases have a huge variety of uses and can be added to an existing website, or be the foundations for a completely new project.


My personal area of expertise is within MySQL databases and PHP front end systems. This website is driven by a back-end MySQL database which generates the content for the pages you see. It populates the various lists you see throughout the site, such as the client / project lists, and even the site map. The database has a similar structure to an Excel spreadsheet with multiple pages, but is extremely powerful and can produce fantastic results for your own website.

Graphic Design

I am skilled in both internet and print design, so that my customers can rely on to provide a full design package for both their web presence, and their paper-based marketing materials.

Some of the services I have provided to my existing clients include:

  • Logo & brand development
  • Marketing materials - brochures , flyers, banners, promotional items
  • Stationary - folders, letterheads, business cards
  • Web design

Internet Marketing

If you do not already have a large, regular customer base, the main way that users will find your site will be by using a search engine. As you may be aware, getting listed in the popular search engines isn't always a case of submitting your website address. There are many factors that contribute to receiving a good website ranking, and so that people cannot 'cheat' their way to the top of the listings, the engines change their approach on a regular basis and so your web site must adapt too.

What can I do for you?

The first thing that needs to be done, is to examine the way your existing website has been constructed to make sure that all the pages have been optimised in the correct way to suit the search engine 'spiders'. We can then discuss what your targets and expectations are for your online marketing, where we can hopefully find a solution that meets not only your requirements, but also your budget.

Web Spiders

For the best results, I would recommend the following package:

  • Check all of your existing pages to make sure they have correct file names and page titles.
  • Check/add relevent alt tags to all images on the site.
  • Alter the meta tags for keywords and description for optimum results.
  • Resolve any other issues that are preventing the site's full search engine ranking potential.
  • Optimise your current keywords and key phrases or suggest new ones if none already exist.
  • Submit your site(s) to the search engines following the guidelines that they have set out.
  • Monitor the results from changes I make and continue to make adjustments where required.
  • Set up and manage a pay per click campaign.

Adobe Flash - For creating rich, interactive content for digital, web, and mobile platforms Adobe Dreamweaver - The primary tool I use when coding websites Get the latest version of the Firefox browser for free to view the web how designers intended Skype is a little piece of software that lets you make free calls to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world
Adobe Photoshop - The industry standard design suite where all my website creations begin Adobe ImageReady - Part of the Photoshop suite that I use for creating various animated objects for websites Adobe Illustrator - I use this for creating illustrations and vector artwork for both graphic and web applications
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